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  • What property maintenance services does Morabito Lawn and Tree Co. offer?
    MLTC offers three distinct branches of home services to keep your property in tip top shape: -Tree pruning and removal services(Year round) -Lawn mowing and landscaping (Year round) -Snow and ice mitigation (Winter only)
  • Are your tree related services available year round?
    Yes, our tree services are available year round. In fact there are some, such as Oak pruning, that are recommended in the winter to maintain the health and longevity of the trees. Winter pruning can help the spread of disease, and who doesn’t love healthy trees?
  • How soon can you get to me?
    There are many factors that affect our timeline for services. For non-emergency tree work, you can generally assume we are booked 4-6 weeks in advance. Weather events such as snow and/or wind storms may change timelines slightly.
  • What will this cost me?
    Tree services all vary depending on the size, scope and intricacy of your project. Lawn services begin at $75 per visit for weekly services. Snow and ice control begins at $85 per visit, and varies based on how often you need removal/deicing.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We understand having work on your property can be unexpected and costly, and want you to feel comfortable proceeding with the necessary projects that keep your home safe. If you need additional support in paying your bill, please reach out and ask what options you may have.
  • Do you offer a discount for cash payments?
    We love cash but unfortunately cash payment does not change the cost of the work completed. We will waive the processing fee associated with credit card payments if you opt to pay cash.
  • Do you charge sales tax?
    Unless you have completed the NY State Capital Improvement worksheet for us, and/or are a licensed contractor who supplies us with a resale certificate, we have to apply sales tax to your job.
  • Why is there a credit card convenience fee on my invoice?
    We are sorry for this one. Unfortunately there are a lot of fees that can accumulate when credit card processing is involved, and it can total thousands of dollars each month. In order to offset this growing cost, we have opted to add a 3% convenience fee to credit card transactions. You are always welcome to subtract the fee and pay VIA check or cash.
  • Why are you more expensive than ___________ down the road?
    Everyone has different operating costs, and we have chosen to invest significant time and resources into a properly trained team with excellent insurance. What that means for you is fast, efficient and professional work every time. We see the value in that when it comes to working on your property, and truly hope that you do, too.
  • Can you leave me firewood?
    We can leave logs that you are then welcome to process into firewood, and smaller logs that would fit in your fireplace as well. Starting in 2024, MLCTC will be processing firewood for purchase and delivery.
  • Can you leave me wood chips for my garden?
    We can absolutely leave wood chips behind from the work that we do! They do an excellent job of lining walkways, and framing ornamental garden beds. They also make an excellent base for compost, adding a dose of nitrogen to your pile and eventually breaking down into topsoil.
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